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At Lensoft, we specialize in providing top-notch shortcode development services. Our solutions are designed to facilitate seamless communication between businesses and their audience, making us the preferred choice for many organizations in Kenya.

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Features of the Shortcode Development Services

We leverage cutting-edge features and industry insights to help your business thrive.

Easy-to-remember 5-digit shortcodes

These are short, memorable numbers used for business communication, making it easier for customers to contact you.

Automated systems

This feature allows for automatic responses to customer queries, ensuring quick and accurate communication.

Instant return receipt on request

This feature provides immediate confirmation when a message is received, ensuring that no communication is missed.

Effective lead collection tool

The shortcode service can be used to gather potential customer information, aiding in lead generation efforts.

Auto-response feature

This feature automatically sends a response to every incoming message, ensuring all customers receive feedback.

Dedicated shortcodes

These are exclusive 5-digit codes for your business, ensuring no loss of leads and enhancing your brand identity.

Import or download shortcode data

No need to remember multiple short codes; one master code provides access to all services. This feature allows you to easily manage and utilize your customer data for things like bulk SMS campaigns.

Competitive pricing

We offer affordable rates for both dedicated and shared shortcode options, ensuring you get value for your money.

Shortcode Development Services That We Offer

Partner with us to experience unparalleled digital solutions that empower your business growth and drive unmatched results.

Dedicated Shortcode Development

Exclusive 5-digit codes for your business, ensuring no loss of leads.

Shared Shortcode Development

Shared 5-digit codes, a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses.

Automated Response Shortcode

Automated systems to provide instant replies to customer queries.

Bulk SMS Campaign

Solutions for managing and executing bulk SMS campaigns.


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Discover our streamlined process that ensures seamless execution and exceptional results for your Shortcode Development.

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    Reach out to our team via email or phone to discuss your needs.

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    We'll arrange a consultation to understand your requirements and suggest the best shortcode solution.

  • Step 3
    Selection and Activation

    Choose your preferred shortcode number and we'll handle the activation process with the network provider.

  • Step 4
    Start Using Your Shortcode

    Once activated, you can start using your shortcode for business communication.

Customer Feedback

Client Success Stories

Hear what our clients have to say about the exceptional Shortcode Development services provided by Lensoft.

Matthew Omondi

Lensoft's shortcode services have significantly improved our customer engagement. Their team is professional and always ready to assist.

Matthew Omondi

Matthew Omondi

CEO, Tarry Company
Jane Rita

We've been using Lensoft's shortcode services for our bulk SMS campaigns. The results have been outstanding!

Jane Rita

Jane Rita

Marketing Manager, Luffy Corporation
Tom Juma

The dedicated shortcode service from Lensoft is top-notch. It's easy to use and has helped us in lead collection.

Tom Juma

Tom Juma

Founder, Wasabi Startups
Emily Mutheu

Lensoft's shortcode services are reliable and efficient. Their team is also very supportive and responsive.

Emily Mutheu

Emily Mutheu

Manager, NGO

Our Shortcode Development Success Stories

Explore our portfolio showcasing our impactful Shortcode Development campaigns and the remarkable results we've achieved for our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a 5-digit number that facilitates incoming communication from an unknown lead. It's a tool used for marketing and has proven successful in lead collection for marketing departments.

How can a shortcode benefit my business?

A shortcode can benefit your business in several ways. It's easy to remember, can be automated to provide instant and accurate responses, serves as an effective lead collection tool, and can be used for bulk SMS campaigns.

What is the difference between a dedicated shortcode and a shared shortcode?

A dedicated shortcode is exclusively used by your business, ensuring no loss of leads. A shared shortcode, on the other hand, is used by multiple businesses and is a more cost-effective solution, especially for startups and small businesses.

How long does it take to activate a shortcode?

The activation process typically takes about a week. However, this can vary depending on the network provider.

Can I choose my own shortcode number?

Yes, you can send a list of preferred shortcode numbers to check availability with the network provider. Once we get confirmation on which numbers are available, you can select one from that list.

What is an automated response system in shortcode services?

An automated response system in shortcode services is a feature that automatically responds to incoming messages. This ensures all recipients get feedback, which can be particularly useful when dealing with a large number of messages.

How can I use a shortcode for a bulk SMS campaign?

Shortcode data can be imported or downloaded to an Excel sheet and thereafter used for a bulk SMS campaign. This allows you to reach a large number of potential clients efficiently.

How secure is the use of shortcodes for business communication?

Shortcodes are secure for business communication. All messages sent and received are encrypted, and we adhere to strict data privacy and protection regulations to ensure the security of your information.

What is the cost of your shortcode services?

The cost of our shortcode services varies depending on whether you opt for a dedicated or shared shortcode. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

How can I get started with your shortcode services?

To get started with our shortcode services, simply reach out to our team via email or phone. We'll arrange a consultation to understand your requirements and suggest the best shortcode solution for your business.


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